Sixth Annual Manheim Touchdown Club Banquet
May 12, 2004
Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center

Guest Speaker Message

Ralph FriedgenHead Football Coach, University of Maryland

Ralph Friedgen
Head Football Coach, University of Maryland

Coach Friedgen spoke about the necessity to have players who are dedicated to their sport and to their education. “I want people who are goal-oriented, I want producers. I want fighters, guys who persevere, who can endure the ups and downs. If I find that I have a guy who doesn’t take his classes seriously or skip class a lot, I tell him that we may as well part company right now because it makes no sense for our coaches to spend a lot of time working with somebody who won’t be around at the end of the semester anyway because of failing grades”.

2003 L/L League High School Player of the Year Finalists
CHAD HENNE, Wilson High School (Runner up)
JAMES BRYANT, Reading High School (Winner)
 Manheim Central High School (Runner up)

Manheim Central High School Scholarship Award Winners
REBECCA CUNFER, Field Hockey, Softball
RYAN DENNES, Football, Baseball
KEVIN HERSHEY, Football, Track & Field
NEIL HERSHEY, Football, Track & Field

2003 College Football Player of the Year
Braden Steffy, Millersville University
Jeff Smoker, Michigan State University

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