Fifth Annual Manheim Touchdown Club Banquet
May 13, 2003
Liberty Place

Guest Speaker Message

Mr. Lloyd CarrHead Football Coach, University of Michigan

Mr. Lloyd Carr
Head Football Coach, University of Michigan

Lloyd Carr spoke about the necessity of a college degree. “College is trying to help kids mature, to help them grow in a lot of different ways,” said Carr. “There are more challenges out there than when I grew up. It’s made more difficult by the fact that in professional sports, the salaries are so great that it creates an interest, obviously.” “Those are the issues that you try to educate your players on the fact that a very small percentage of college athletes go on to be successful in the pros.” “Even those who do, the life span of a pro athlete is very short.” “So, at some point, if they have a college education, they will do very well.”

2002 L/L League High School Player of the Year Finalists
BRETT JANIS, Cocalico High School (Runner up)
 J.P. McCaskey High School (Winner)
 Wilson High School (Runner up)

Manheim Central High School Scholarship Award Winners
GARRET BARBUSH, Wrestling, Golf
JOSH GRIFFITH, Football, Wrestling
AMANDA ZERN, Tennis Basketball

2002 College Football Player of the Year
Kris Wilson, J.P. McCaskey High School and The University of Pittsburgh

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