Seventh Annual Manheim Touchdown Club Banquet
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center

Guest Speaker Message

Gene UpshawExecutive Director of the NFL Players Association, NFL Hall of Fame

Gene Upshaw
Executive Director of the NFL Players Association, NFL Hall of Fame

In a spirited, humorous presentation, NFL Hall of Fame standout, Gene Upshaw described the criteria students needed to be successful in sports and, ultimately, in life. Pointing to the banner of the Manheim Touchdown Club as his visual aid, Upshaw told the crowd, “Character, scholastics, and athletic ability are all needed to be successful. His final message encouraged athletes to excel without the use of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs. Referring to NFL players, Upshaw emphatically stated, “You are not going to find one guy who will defend someone trying to cheat. There’s no room for cheaters.”

As Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association, Upshaw deals with a variety of problems facing the NFL including steroid use, But Upshaw commended the NFL for maintaining one of the oldest drug testing programs in professional sports. “We started testing for drugs in 1982, testing and suspension of players in 1987, and random testing in 1990 because that’s what the players wanted.”

After completing his keynote speaker duties, Upshaw handed out the first Gene Upshaw Division II Lineman of the Year Award to Pittsburg State senior, Nathan Baker from Parsons, Kansas.

2004 L/L League High School Player of the Year Finalists
GEORGE EAGER, Manheim Township High School (Runner up)
JEREMIHA HUNTER, Manheim Central High School (Winner)
 Wilson High School (Runner up)

Manheim Central High School Scholarship Award Winners
LEAH C. HILLIARD, Soccer, Tennis, Rifle
JAMES J. HOMAN, Cross Country, Tennis
STEFFIE L. SAUDER, Soccer, Marching Band
TYLER B. SWARR, Football, Track & Field

2004 College Football Player of the Year
MATT WEEKS, Johns Hopkins University
CHAD HENNE, University of Michigan

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