Manheim Central Football Alumni welcome to The Manheim Touchdown Club.

We would like to invite all former Manheim Central football players to register at this site in order to assist us in establishing a data base of all Manheim Central Football Alumni. The establishment of this data base will enable us to keep all of you up to date on things that are happening within the Baron Football program as well as The Manheim Touchdown Club itself. Even though you may be many miles away, you can still enjoy the latest episode of “Manheim Magic” through your email and through our web site.

You can help us in this data gathering effort by registering today and by contacting other former Barons with whom you have contact and asking them to register as well. Teamwork has always been the hallmark of Manheim Central Football. Your help in developing this data base will make you a part of the permanent Baron Team of the future and will help us in pursuing our goal of “Enhancing the Baron Tradition of Excellence”.

Please complete the online registration form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon. GO BARONS!

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