“As a student going to college in Philadelphia to study physical therapy, I went with the goal of returning to my home town of Manheim – to live and work as a professional there. Growing up in the small community instilled values of dedication and commitment to one another and facilitated strong feelings of unity to the community. Having participated in sports throughout my twelve years of school there, I have seen first hand the generosity and support of a loyal community. From nearly filling Hershey Park Stadium with football fans despite blizzard-like conditions, closing down the borough streets for parades honoring athletic achievements, to local business men picking up a food tab for the football players’ wing night, I have had the privilege of experiencing the results of strong ties to a close-knit community. These memories continue to be strong and influential in my life and have motivated me to continue the philanthropical attitude of my predecessors.”

“Having now returned to this community as a local professional, I hope to mirror the opportunities given me, and I look for opportunities to continue supporting future generations in their academic and athletic endeavors. After attending meetings of several local organizations when looking for ways to give back to the community, I found that the Manheim Touchdown Club was the one which best fit the model for which I was searching. An extremely generous, philanthropical organization, its members are superior in their professionalism and character and in their dedication to the community. The members proactively support the community and are devoted to enhancing the lives of the individuals within it. Seemingly insurmountable projects are unanimously supported and accomplished quickly with minimal hurdles, and the community believes strongly in the club’s ability to tackle any task. Additionally, the club conveys great enthusiasm by funding academic scholarships for student athletes who are looking to further their education. I have found, without question, that the Manheim Touchdown Club is a most respectable and dedicated group of individuals, driven to continue their support of our great and loyal community.”

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