“Growing up in Manheim was probably one of the greatest gifts my parents could have ever given me. From this experience, I learned about community and how important it is to give back to organizations and causes that helped shape my life. Another great thing about growing up in Manheim was having the opportunity to be a member of the Manheim Central Football Team. Some of the greatest life lessons I have ever learned came from being a part of that program. Concepts like team work, discipline, preparation, selflessness, hard work, believing in yourself and having high expectations of yourself are traits and qualities that were drilled into the team members by the coaches and the community, and I have tried to carry these traits into every aspect of my life. Essentially, I credit the tremendous community I had the opportunity to be raised in for helping me get to the point at which I am at today. ”

“Now as an adult, it is time to give back. After evaluating the various groups and organizations in the Manheim community that I could be a part of, I chose the MTC, and there are many reasons for my choice. First the MTC stands for all of the qualities I sited above, and it believes in instilling those qualities into the youth of Manheim. The Club supports all of the students of the MCSD through various projects and academic scholarships. From scoreboards to a new weight room, this club is making a difference in the lives of the students of MC. There are two final reasons why the MTC is a great organization. First, the members have a “get it done” attitude. When the club makes a commitment to a project or a cause, it gets done. Finally, it is a fun group of people to be around. The quality of its members is unbelievable. These are people make a difference in the community and who are what I aspire to be someday. Giving back to a great community is something everyone should be part of. It is something that will help shape the futures of the kids of the MCSD. In my opinion, there is no better group at doing this than the MTC, and that is why I’m a part of it”

John Phillips
Class of 1994


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